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Jesse Ventura (and fans) at the Cannabis Manifesto book signing Half Price Books Roseville,MN

Trump is guilty of High Crimes & Misdemeanors. Period.

Your candidate has been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place. I built as a hub for some of my political advocacy and literary endeavors.  I collected over 4,000 signatures on  and I write/call my representatives and other figures.  Many candidates say this is the most important part of their job. That's why Im running this grassroots campaign. Sometimes it seems like I'll leave a random comment or send an email and just by coincidence you notice surprising things start to happen. Like right now I think I'll write to Tina Smith about Industrial Hemp and what I think it can do for Minnesota's economy if properly utilized. We'll see what comes out of it. (She wants to speak with as many experts as possible. I'm really not all that impressed with her response about impeaching Trump/the GRU (Russian intelligence) attacking our voting machines. Suddenly, Tina Smith supports impeachment stating that Trump may have used political power to withold aid from Ukraine, asking them to hack the Biden campaign. Well I would say it's about time Tina, he asked Russians to hack the Clinton campaign, his presidency violates every realized and conceivable campaign finance law, the environments in the drain,  we're going to end up at war, we have no means of defending our constituiton, and an eleven year old boy could hack a model of the Florida electoral system in under ten minutes! Your top priority should be contacting local election officials now to ensure that a backup paper trail is kept. Me, I'll probably just bring my Trump toilet paper and casually leave it places then. The polls are in. The Trump and Clinton crime families  proove  that we need another option. Washington has become a gang war between the statists and the crony capitalists who seek to control them. As your representative I aim to empower the people to participate in drafting legislation that makes sense to us! I was impressed by Jill Steins Green New Deal and I have some rather hemptastic ideas about future technology that we can use to invest in Americas infrastructure . You can already see these ideas bubbling up in the national consciousness. I feel that Trumps latest push to deschedule  marijuana and build a space force is a futile attempt to bump up his approval and distract from the Winner Document. Rather than allow states to set arbitrary rules I'd rather see the emphasis on your unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. "Make the most of the Indian hemp seed. Sow it everywhere!" -- George Washington (The bible also states that God gave man all the plants which bear seed (and then some) for agricultural, industrial, or medicinal purposes. I mean your rights are considered to be God given and unalienable there could be all sorts of arguments about a person's character but the law should be clear and easy to follow.)  If they do deschedule it I will finally be able to remove any discussion if it from the front page of this website! In the interest of making the law easier to follow. The grinchs' heart must have grown a inch, he  admitted he'd like to get it out of the hands of the cartels. It's almost like admitting that the government, and other corporations have other share holders, murder is wrong, bribery is wrong, extortion is wrong, thou shalt not lie, steal, or use gods name to usurp power or make yourself wealthy. It turns out I DO like green eggs and ham, maybe I was trying to watch my cholesterol but I love kale and beet greens! Maybe I should send every member of Congress a Gutenberg bible for Christmas.

Just the other day, I submitted a response to the libertarian party about an email they sent out asking for suggestions with which to amend their own platform.   I was part of the OSP working group which crafted political ads and grass roots initiatives independent of any political party.  We raised awareness for CISPA, NDAA, corporate personhood, keystone pipeline. I also followed in the footsteps of Campaign For Liberty a bit. I support ending the failed war on drugs and repurposing wartime funding for other purposes. I'm pretty sure there are some competent folks down at the treasury chomping at the bit to get a good audit going.    On my quest I have rubbed shoulders with the likes of Jesse Ventura at occupy and at the signing of the cannabis manifesto. I am a native of Minnesota. I'm currently working on a high yield garden system to support my local food web. I'm all about the biosphere! Have you seen the price of local, organic produce in Minnesota? And then it's not even both. On top of that the produce molds right away because it has been picked off the vine and the enzymes start to break it down immediately, plus its inoculated by mold when it is stored in bulk. All that without even mentioning food desserts and restricted diets. We need to mobilize communities in support of urban renewal projects. We need to put pressure on state and local agencies to ease zoning restrictions and invest in community and rooftop gardens across the U.S.  For the people that use them a little lumber and perlite could go a long way. I expect the state would see return in the form of healthier people, reduction of co2 and other pollutants in urban areas, as well as greater social welfare and engagement. Engaging body and mind in a healthy and fruitful way is the only way I know how to heal the epidemic of violence and addiction gripping the country.   

United By A Common Goal

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I understand the value of being connected. That's why I'm running for office. Help me help you. I'm fighting for new opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as workers. As an entrepeneur in the industrial hemp industry I aimed to connect like minded entrepreneurs and activists. Now I have a potent new vision of not for profit public service. Write to me with your concerns. Ask me anything. I will incorporate your ideas into my campaign. I have a unique approach to problem solving.  It's important to me that everyone have a stake in the communities where we live and work. We need consumer oriented, compassionate healthcare and carbon based technologies made using agricultural products home grown here in MN. I want to create a new silicon valley here in the midwest but instead using more carbon based technologies such as new types of fiber for military & athletic uses. Greater efficiency in electric vehicles through carbon-nanosheets. We're going to need trillions of cabon nano-cages to clean up the next oil or nuclear spill. Where else is there lots of carbon (and carbon sequestration) besides the midwest? We need to balance our mining with engineering, manufacturing, and advertising. Workers should be able to produce their own hemp from home, be offered some type of stock option when , while continuing their education and innovating in their industries. This would result in more culturally relevant products on the market. It also means an end to the paradigm of graduating with a mountain of debt and an education which is no longer relevant to a job which has long since dried up due to incompetent, irresponsible, and patronizing private ownership.  It's true we all do better when we ALL do better; but more commonly swept under the rug, We ALL get screwed over when we pass the buck and we all get screwed over. 

The Libertarian party is reforming their stated principles right now; And I'm not officially a Green yet. You can help develop the platform! Keep up the pressure on the key issues instead of just enjoying tea with the incumbent. Key liberties and protections are under attack every day.  Current reforms to health care, agriculture, cyber security, etc. Are too narrow in scope. I won't take any gifts from pharmaceutical companies or political parties. This is a coalition effort to shake up the status quo. No labels, just independent thinkers taking a more active,  less politically motivated role in the way our reality is dictated to us by way of fear. Many Americans are mired in personal as well as public debt. We live in fear of the next economic downturn which causes us to do seemingly irrational things like elect politicians who broadcast that they will seek a third term as president, or reckon that corporations are entitled to the same rights as people but, when they are found guilty they are deemed too big to jail. In my experience, the major sectors that are most commonly looked to for growth and a large market cap are mediocre in performance and all too prone to fraud, and loss of cultural relevance. (Anyone remember when they bribed Dutch officials so they would buy aircraft produced by Lockheed?) Many investment buffs will sometimes infer that most individuals have no business investing in the markets due to limited savings and emotionally based decision making. This holds true much of the time but the less informed the american people are the more gullible we will be, many progressive companies have difficulty seeking capital from conventional investment management firms in spite of the potential and desire for growth in this space. The decrease in competition stifles innovation and justifies too big to jail. But at the same time we are told there will be austerity due to climate change. We want change, but we can't afford it. We are told to leave it to the experts. Itl's ike we've taken one small step forward, and one giant leap back! Perhaps the experts think people are so unpredictable because they fundamentally misunderstand the needs and motives of the people they are supposed to serve. Life expectancy in the US is in decline, experts blame opioids but suicide is on the rise and a recent John Hopkins study concluded that 250,000 people a year are dying from medical errors.   I promise to disclose any gifts or donations from interest gr

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Cannabis in courtroom in front of judge anonymous The freedom of others is essential to my freedom.

Your candidate can't win this race without your help. Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together. We rely upon grassroots engagement across the political spectrum to ensure accountability and heal civic apathy/atrophy.   pedro

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Your donation is an opportunity to be part of something bigger. Show your candidate that you have their back. Give today! Not only do I not accept gifts from pharmecutical companies; I am donating 28$ to The Alliance For Natural Health to commemorate launching my campaign! And $3 to to promote Jesse Ventura for president 2020! I haven't filed to run yet but if you like my blog for some reason you know what to do.

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